[instrumental works]

[trumpet piece]

[trumpet piece] was written especially for a collaboration between the Huddersfield Undergraduate Composers Society and members of the Huddersfield Trumpet Ensemble. Each page contains the same material scored in slightly different ways; the piece includes space-time notation alongside traditional metered notation and multi-parametric tablature. The multitude of ways in which the same material is represented, with varying degrees of specificity, demonstrates the ways in which performer-composer interfaces directly effect a performer’s approach to realisation; both moment to moment and as a whole.

The piece was workshopped for a number of weeks and performed at Durham Klang Festival 2013. I’d like to thank Edwin Runagle, Pete Woodrow, George Green and Dan Armstrong for their contributions towards and performance of the piece, as well as Michael Baldwin in his role as facilitator of the collaboration and as first point of contact with the festival organisers.

Score PDF:Trumpet Piece

[organ piece]

[organ piece] was inspired by Ligeti’s Harmonies (1967), and is a very gradual transformation of timbre. Material is placed in units of time with no fixed duration, each lasting between 10 and 15 seconds, creating a dissociation between fixed-width spaces on the score and the variable temporal space they represent. As a result, the piece resists any kind of temporal systematisation. The piece employs an incredibly light touch technique all the way through, creating a surface in a constant state of flux, similar to the ‘timbre-texture,’ in Malcom Goldstein’s Two Silences (2003).

Score PDF: Organ piece

[strings piece]

For [strings piece], the melody of John Dowland’s My Lord Chamberlain, His Galiard, was split into fragments which were then labelled and organised into rows of fragments for each instrument, which function in a similar way to tone rows in serial music. A random number generator was used to determine the precise temporal placement of each fragment within certain inaudible time frames, set out in order to preserve the order of the row.

Score PDF: Strings Piece

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