Rhythm Maker for Mac

Allows you to type in rhythms as fractions and draw them in Illustrator.

This version supports:

  • Durations as small as 1/128
  • Internal beam groups
  • Single dotted rhythms
  • Tuplets (with up to five nests)
  • Split beaming

RTFM, use at your own risk, source code on request.

Tested on 10.12.6 with Illustrator 2017.

Last update: 10/03/18

Download Rhythm Maker

P.S. If you use this software, I would like to know about it! Drop a line here.

TupletMaker for Mac

Creates perfectly spaced tuplets in Illustrator documents with a number of options.

TupletMaker only creates equally subdivided tuplets – you have to edit the internal rhythms manually.

Tested on OS X 10.12.6 and Illustrator 2017.

Use at your own risk (I recommend trying it out with an empty file), not my responsibility if it messes something up, etc, etc.

Feel free to ask for the Xcode file.

Download TupletMaker