John Aulich (b.1992) is a new music composer, experimental performer and recording artist. He undertook his undergraduate and master’s studies the University of Huddersfield, where he studied with Bryn Harrison and Aaron Cassidy (2011 – 2016). He is currently studying his PhD at the University at Buffalo with David Felder (since 2018). John’s music spans a number of broad themes, including viscerality, ambiguity of meaning, sensuality and touch, and the philosophical and political connotations of music and notation. 

John sees art as an ultimately social practice, and he routinely collaborates with other musicians and composers. John has had works performed by Richard Craig, Tom Bell, and Kathryn Williams. Until recently, he worked extensively with James Wood as one half Aulich/Wood Trio. John also has considerable experience as a performer, and worked as part of Edges ensemble to deliver to deliver premier performances of Tim Parkinson’s opera Time With People, in collaboration with the composer. In this capacity, John has performed experimental music at numerous events, including HCMF (in ’11 and ’12) and Music We’d Like to Hear (2011),  and LCMF.