John Aulich is a new music composer, experimental performer, recording artist and student at the University of Huddersfield, who studied composition privately with Matthew Sergeant between 2009 and 2011. Since, he has had pieces workshopped by Philip Thomas (in 2012), Carl Rosman (2013) and Peter Veale (2015). In August 2014, John had one of his first significant works, [organ piece] premiered by the highly acclaimed organist, Tom Bell.

He is also an active performer of other experimental work, and has been involved in collaborative projects with James Saunders, Jürg Frey and Tim Parkinson; most recently for the first full performances of Parkinson’s opera, Time With People in Huddersfield (2014) and London (2015). John has performed experimental music at numerous events, including HCMF (in ’11 and ’12) and Music We’d Like to Hear (2011), as a member of Edges Ensemble. He performed alongside Edges and members of the Bozzini Quartet for a 2-hour rendition of James Tenney’s Swell Piece.

In the summer of 2012, John released a small suite of acclaimed electro-acoustic works inspired by the war stories of his late grandfather. Alongside this, Aulich also joined Edges for the recording of works by Tylan Susam and Jürg Frey, released by Another Timbre as part of Wandelweisser und so Weiter, which listed number 19 in The Wire’s Top 100 releases for 2012. John finished his undergraduate degree in the summer of 2015; he was awarded the J. Wood & Sons Prize for Composition, The Truscott Prize for all-round achievement, and a Chancellor’s prize.