Flesh brittle as I can think it
Forces: Electronics and Electric Guitar x2
Date: October, 2017

Tired, (dog tired).
Forces: Fixed Media
Date: August, 2017

‘J’emploie les mots que tu m’as appris’
Forces: Electronics and Viola
Date: June, 2017

826 Harry Cowley
Forces: Electronics and Electric Cello
Date: July, 2016

“…und nicht vielmehr Nichts?”
Forces: Piano
Date: May, 2016

Πολυτροπος [Polytropos]
Forces: Bass Clarinet (Bb)
Date: March, 2016

Condensation (Strike Work)
Forces: Flute
Date: January, 2016

Genius Crazies, Hearts Empties
Forces: Bass Clarinet (Bb), Electronics, and Cello
Date: May, 2015

In the morning, it was morning
Forces: Oboe
Date: March, 2015

Impressions on Surfaces (Surface III)
Forces: Electric Guitar and Electronics
Date: November, 2014

[organ piece]
Forces: Organ
Date: April, 2013

[trumpet piece]
Forces: Trumpet (Bb) x4
Date: April, 2013

[strings piece]
Forces: Violin x2, Viola, Cello, and Contrabass
Date: January, 2013

Panch Prayag
Forces: Clarinet (Bb)
Date: March, 2012

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