Prayag Series

Panch Prayag

Over the course of the past year and a half, I have been wrestling with a multitude of ideas stemming from the writing and workshopping of ‘Panch Prayag;’ a clarinet piece in which two or more voices are scored simultaneously, with each event from one voice interrupting the other. Each section of the piece explores the prospect of perception (or non-perception) of ‘pseudo-polyphony’ through varying degrees of timbral, dynamic and registeral separation. Each bar is a near-reflection of the previous bar; the original temporal relationships set up in the first instance become distorted over time, in a non-goal oriented fashion.

PDF Score: Panch Prayag

A recording is presented below for reference purposes, but please bare in mind that this was a recording of the workshop as an ongoing project, not a performance of the piece. I’d like to thank Carl Rosman for his kind permission in allowing me to upload this recording.

Dev Prayag

Focusing on a mode of pseduo-polyphony which seeks to separate material through timbral differentiation, Dev Prayag explores the basic concept of Panch Prayag in a multitude of different time-frames; an audience’s perception of the system can be manipulated through the temporal spaces within which the material is placed.

PDF Score: Dev Prayag