New works, recordings and some updates on what I’m doing.

After the success of our first record, James Wood and I are back in the studio under the moniker Aulich/Wood Trio, producing a new free improvisational extravaganza complete with jazz/electronic/dubstep/garage rock influences. At the same time, I’m working with violist, experimental performer and composer, Adam Sangster to produce a new work for Viola and Electronics. Since my master’s degree is now complete, I feel more free to share the works and recordings I submitted as part of my portfolio.

826 Harry Cowley for Electric Cello and Electronics (with score and recording), written for and dedicated to Christine Avis.

Πολυτροπος for Bass Clarinet (with score and recording), written for and dedicated to James Wood.

“…und nicht vielmehr Nichts?” for Solo Piano (with score).


Richard Craig – Condensation (Strike Work)

A recording of Richard Craig‘s excellent live performance of my latest finished work Condensation (Strike Work) for solo flute is available for listening below:

The piece was performed as part of a concert held at St. Paul’s Hall in Huddersfield on the 29th of February, 2016.