Acoustic works for 2014 and 2015

Genius Crazies, Hearts Empties

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Genius Crazies, Heart Empties for Cello, Electronics and Bass Clarinet, consists of blocks of material which each amble confusedly towards the same short, self-contained motif. Although the blocks are organized into a superstructure, the electronics’ delay lines obfuscate the boundaries between one and the next. The piece was conceptualized by imagining a veil over the motif, slowly being lifted a nonlinear fashion through the course of each block. Various extended techniques combined with the electronics to obfuscate and distort the material, which are slowly removed or otherwise neutralised as it is uncovered.

In the morning it was morning

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In the morning, it was morning is derived from a tiny segment of a spectral analysis of the Oboe playing a single pitch (C4). The extremely small selection of pitches, and the subtlety of changes in expression, and often in rhythm, combined with a high rate of dynamic change, yielded a result I hadn’t initially expected; in place of the rushing rapids and continuous destabilisation I had anticipated, the piece has a sense of anxious stillness, as though it might burst the dam at a moment that never comes. Although In the morning, it was morning failed to align with my initial intentions, I found the piece an interesting, albeit accidental, realization of spring-loaded, suspended time

Impressions on Surfaces (Surface III)

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For Surface III, the player must actively suppress a mass of increasingly convoluted material to which they are also contributing (see figure 2).  The length of time the suppressive elements last is contingent on the physiology of the player and the physical characteristics of their particular guitar and electronics set up. As the supressed material builds up, the amplitude necessary to supress it increases proportionately. As each suppressive attack should have similar decay times, the increasingly unstable, evermore noise-like mass of material becomes increasingly difficult to hold back, creating a series of narrowing temporal relationships from one iteration to the next as the piece progresses.